5 Reasons Why You Need to do The Snow Lake Hike

By October 6, 2016HIKING, SEATTLE

Snow Lake has been a one of my favorite hikes ever since I starting hiking. I’ve grown attached to this hike for so many reasons. If there is one hike I recommend more than any others it would be this one, and let me tell you why.

• Trail Rating: Easy / Medium

• New Trail: 6.6 – 7.2 miles, 1600-1800 ft. elevation gain

• Trail Access: All Year! (Check avalanche warnings during snowy conditions)


#1 Its simply stunning in every season. I’ve had the chance to hike it in the snow, early spring, lush summer heat and my favorite – crisp fall. I never get tired of seeing all this scenery change so drastically throughout the year.

#2 Its a easy to medium challenge hike that I know I can take almost anyone on and they will have a great time. This is something very very important to me, because so much of choosing a hike is choosing levels that will be fun for everyone.

#3 You never get bored with the views! There are so many varying landscapes to be seen on this hike its as if every corner you turn there is something new. Waterfalls, peaks, ranges, lakes, and active wildlife makes this trail an exciting one.

#4 You have a couple options of length. You have multiple stoping points to take in the outlooks, my favorite is a top a rock right when the trail opens up to see the lake. But don’t be mistaken because the little while longer to get down to the lake opens up that perspective more than you could have expected. I would recommend doing both, stopping here and there because each of those sights are very different.

#5 With Snow Lake only residing a mere 45 mins out of the city there isnt too much to keep you from heading out to this relaxing and scenic hike!


For more info on directions, parking, and overviews here are some helpful links:

WTA: http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/snow-lake-1

AllTrails: http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/washington/snow-lake-trail

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