Getting Up Close & Personal with the Hoh Rainforest

By October 14, 2016BACKPACKING, HIKING

I remember as a little girl trekking through the Hoh rainforest with my little brother trailing behind me poking me with sticks. My mom leading the way to our camping spot for the weekend. Its interesting how the scenery looked surreal and unfamiliar after all these years. All the more reason to stop, appreciate, and soak in the environment.

As I tried to take pictures of all the massive conifers surrounding me I found it extremely challenging. I was completely encompassed by lush green that crowded out the skies around me. Sun shining through the leafy greens it seemed as if the entire forest was enveloped in this chartreuse glowing light from above, and I was walking around in this hazy lighted landscape.

Thats when I realized this wasnt a place to lookout on an expansive landscape, rather a place to look closely at the micro ecosystem that thrived within this lush environment.

There are a handful of trails to take within the Hoh Rainforest. The 3 main ones within that area are the Hall of Mosses, Spruce Nature Trail or the long backpackers trail the Hoh River trail that you trek 18 miles to get to Blue Glacier. The Hall of Mosses and Spruce Nature trails are both short but thick with lush views. As you pass along these short trails you get to stop and read about how parts of the ecosystem works and is developed. All the signs are quite interesting and I’d highly recommend reading them all throughout the trip.

I saw a lot of little kiddos here on these trails and they really seemed to love romping around and taking in the gargantuan forest so its definitely a great family location for learning and making memories. Depending on your goals for this trip it really does has a lot to offer; hiking, camping, and backpacking along with the visitors center that teaches you about the history of the forest.

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