Take a trip to The Highway of Waterfalls


Since I was a little girl this little highway was always a sure delight. My dad would always take us here to see the waterfalls and the scenic views from the vista house that sits above the valley on a beautiful cliff. Since then it has always been a little staple of mine to go visit this highway whenever I’m close to Portland.

So where is this amazing Highway of Waterfalls? Well its called Historic Columbia River Highway and it is just about 30-45 mins east of Portland. The best thing about this highway is all the waterfalls are very accessible to almost everyone. One of the most popular waterfalls is Multnomah Falls which has extremely easy access, a little coffee shop, an adorable restaurant, and a gift shop.

The most wonderful thing about this highway trip is there are waterfalls back to back and plenty of them to see! All very beautiful and unique. Lets list off all these wonderful waterfalls for you to enjoy and which ones to see back to back.

Here is our waterfall drive list is:

Horsetail Falls – First stop on the list! It also links up to view Ponytail Falls as well if you decide to do the loop!

Lower and Upper Oneonta Falls – Links up with Horsetail as well if you would like to do a longer hike.

Multnomah Falls & Restaurant – Most popular and for a good reason. Very accessible, and lots to see in just this one area.

Wahkeena Falls & Fairy Falls – The 242-foot waterfall is unlike nearby Multnomah Falls in that the water does not directly plunge to the ground. Wahkeena Falls, rather, has a more subtle cascading flow. – Wikipedia

Bridal Veil Falls – Quick and easy hike to one of my favorite waterfall. Multiple viewpoints do not disappoint.

Latourell Falls – Simple and quick loop to see this stunning grandiose waterfall. Latourell is unique among the best-known Columbia Gorge waterfalls, in the way that it drops straight down from an overhanging basalt cliff. Most of those falls (even the famous Multnomah Falls) tumble to some degree. – Wikipedia


After spending a day exploring this treasured highway end your little excursion on the best note possible. A drive to the top of the cliffs to see some of the best viewpoints of the Columbia River. From the top of Vista House, which is accessible by stairs, one can view Portland and Vancouver, Washington to the west. – Wikipedia

Bonus end to your beautiful waterfall trip:  Vista House

Just another way to get outside and spend a day admiring some of Oregon’s gorgeous waterfalls. Add this to your to-do list with friends, family, or loved ones. Its sure to bring a full day of happiness to anyone up for a day of exploring.

Latourell Falls

Multnomah Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

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  • Danny Harris says:

    Very very nice don’t forget to visit Bonneville fish hatchery an amazing birthday level tank with mature surgeons swimming .also the Bonneville dam fish ladder go inside and watch fish swim through a glass walled channel as they up and down the river through dam

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