Seattle Life: Kayaking Around South Lake Union

By July 12, 2017LIFE

Hands down my top favorite place to rent kayaks or paddle boards is at Agua Verde in the U-district. This place has it all! Usually when I go I get there around 10am and relax for a bit at the little Mexican Restaurant above the rental area. This place has killer food and insanely delicious breakfast burritos, not to mention a massive homemade salsa bar! It’s always a great place to meet up with your other friends and grab a quick bite before some time out on the lake. If you’re feeling a little adventurous you can also try one of their scratch margarita options (Prickly Pear, and Lima are my favorite)!

There is nothing better than waking up on a hot Saturday or Sunday morning and getting into some water sports! From living in Seattle it is amazing how many fun opportunities there are for great water sports! From paddle boarding to kayaking or booze cruises there seems like an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to getting on the beautiful lakes around the city.

For this though I really wanna highlight a couple places that I keep finding myself at time and time again during the summer that make for such an awesome day out in the sunshine.

After getting some great grub go get on those kayaks (or paddle boards)! A Line starts to form on weekend mornings around 11-11:30am but it typically goes pretty fast! When getting on the kayaks you get two options: Head over to the Lake Washington side, or head over to the Lake Union side. My biggest recommendation is heading to the Lake Union side! From there you get massive views of the city, Gasworks park, Mohai, and other beautiful park views. Decide how long you want to be out there depending on the rates: Single Kayak per hour is $18, Double Kayak per hour is $24, and Paddleboard per hour is $23. You can get a pretty great view in about 2 hours on the lake!

If you have some time after the few hours on the lake make your way over to Ivars Salmon House for a great happy hour selection and a massive patio to continue soaking in that waterfront view!

All in all this is a great trip for families, friends, or just to do by yourself! You’re absolutely in for a great time in the sunshine for this trip in the city!

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