Simple Homemade Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

By November 11, 2016LIFE

For all the ladies looking for a simple and quick healthy hair boost, we tested and found one that really made a difference! I’ve always been a little skeptical of homemade hair masks, choosing expensive known brands instead. I wanted to give a few a try and I was super surprised at the results!

This is such a fun thing to do with a girlfriend on a Saturday or Sunday morning over some mimosas or coffee! Starts your day off right and you’ll have body and shine for the next couple days.

Here is the recipe we chose that seemed to be the most effective! If you have really thick hair try doubling the amounts below! Remember to really work it into your roots, and then down to the very end of the strands, saturating as much as possible for a full coverage effect!

3 tbsp All Natural Greek Yogurt: Greek Yogurt is FULL of protein! A strand of hair is composed of mostly protein, which means your hair needs protein to grow. Yogurt is also known to bring dull and damaged hair back to life by adding a lustrous sheen.

2 tbsp Honey: Honey is definitely food for your scalp. Honey contains all natural occurring vitamins, minerals, is antibacterial, and attracts and retains moisture. Honey is an emollient which means its a natural softener, and helps stimulate hair growth with its antioxidant properties.

2 tsp Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil hasa soooo many amazing benefits when talking about hair nourishment. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles, which really helps promote effective hair growth. Also, coconut oil penetrates hair more deeply and faster than many other natural oils, it can help your color to be more vibrant and keep it from fading too quickly. Other than the obvious rich shine it gives, it really does have some amazing properties that help out your whole dome ecosystem!

Sami and I worked on this fun collab together, but she is the real hair expert!

Check out her awesome work on instagram @samigaldoeshair

and feel free to shoot her any questions about hair and all that good stuff!

Give this a try and lets us know what you thought! Also we would love to hear about some of your favorite recipes that you use to give your hair a healthy natural boost!