Snowshoeing Artist Point, Mt Baker

By April 7, 2017HIKING

Getting out in the winter can always be a challenge. Even experienced hikers have a lot of obstacles in place when deciding where and when to hike but I will tell you that getting out in the winter truly does offer a whole new appreciation for our surroundings.

This was my first time snowshoeing and I was excited! I have been to Artist Point, Mt. Baker 2 times before this and unfortunately Mt. Baker was hidden behind a hazy faze both times but this time I got a little lucky! The trek up was pretty mild, although walking with snowshoes for the first time just takes a little patience with yourself and practice. By the end of the trip I felt very comfortable walking in them even though I definitely ended up falling once. If any of you have seen me in the snow you would know I tend to fall a little here and there 🙂 which only adds to the laughter.

The trail was a little hard to find starting out because the area is so packed with Skiers, and a ton of other snowy activities but as soon as we saw a handful of snowshoers headed up a certain path we followed along and were in route quickly. We started early morning around 9am and it only took us about an hour-ish to get to the viewing point. It happened to be the PERFECT time to get up there, with beautiful 360 views, and not even 15 minutes after being up there clouds started rolling in and any snowshoers after us weren’t going to get the views! That damn elusive Mt. Baker!

We made the trip a little better by bringing up a flask of Bulleit Rye to warm us up a at the top and keep us a little toasty for the way down too! I recommend that with some hot coffee too! Such a treat when your surrounded by snowy landscapes!

All in all I would recommend this trip for beginner snowshoers that are looking for a little incline and A LOT of big views!

For more info on directions, parking, and overviews here are some helpful links: