Sunset Hike to the Top of Mount Catherine

By August 7, 2017HIKING

It had been one of those weeks, you know the ones…where your job pays you but the check bounces and needless to say after that you become “unemployed”. It was during this time that a very good friend of mine whom I have known since elementary school asked me to do my very first sunset hike. What?! Of course I jump at the chance! She had decided on Mount Catherine! We were lucky enough to have a Mountain Chicks ambassador join us on our trip as well.

The road driving up to the trail is very riddled with pot holes, both long and narrow. There is no parking except for a little turn off. Unfortunately the trail is not marked too well, it is a simple brown sign with an arrow. The start of the trail is all rocks, I suggest hiking boots, I mean you are scaling a mountain after all. You instantly begin gaining some elevation… but there are level parts to the trail with gorgeous peek-a-boo sights of the mountains around you. During this time of the day the bugs were unbelievable thick so make sure to put that bug spray to use before you even start up the mountain. The trail for the most part is nice and dirty, only rocky in a few spots, we gained about 1300 of elevation in a little over 1.5 miles.

Near the top there is a beautiful clearing where you can take a quick break, catch your breath, and even pitch a bivy if your heart so desires. After that clearing about a 100 yards is the last push, it is the highest point and they have anchored some lines at the top of the summit to help yourself up, so no rope of your own is needed. We started our hike at about 6:40pm and got to the summit at almost 8pm. I can’t even describe how beautiful the views were. One of the best parts was we had the whole place to ourselves for the most part. There isn’t a whole lot of room at the top so I suggest going at an off hour or off day to get some less crowded views. We relaxed to have dinner, a nice warm beer, and to celebrate and be thankful for these views. We found the summit book so if you make this journey please don’t forget to let us know you made it too!  I highly suggest you do this hike, during the morning, day or even at sunset.

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