When the World Quiets Down, the Truth Seeps Out

By April 25, 2017LIFE

When all the thoughts slowly creep up on you… when the world quiets down, and the truth seeps out.

You think honestly, you think with a relentless fervor. … and its unstoppable… the quiet of the world evokes suppressed questions and intimate recollection.

Its moments like these I see paths. I see the paths of people I love. Of love itself falling, breaking, hiding, and giving up. Within so many souls I have come to encounter, their paths greet me warmly as I lay my head down and close my eyes.

I dont know how or why but there is a path that I see so thoroughly. Although the ideas may be leading the blind, its a sense of truth that propels me. He is left at a crossing point in the road… his willingness to understand and bring himself to the surface of his own fears is what has been holding him back for some time. He is so stuck… and it pains me. As if a person is suspended under the water with a straw for breathing… only breathing in a small amount of what life truly offers.

I sit here, head in my hands, hope and anticipation tangled through my mind. What do I say? What do I do? When you see someone stepping towards the path that will bring them more pain, that will lessen their fear right now only for the sacrifice of greater happiness in the future.

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